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We're a podcast that celebrates the experiences and wisdom of passionate people living and leading creative lives.


Listen to host and producer Jeff Shepherd get curious with artists, educators, athletes, CEO’s, yogis, organizers and industry leaders as they explore what makes them tick! What do these leaders have in common? Where do they get their grit? What experiences helped shape them into who they are today? Who inspires them? What does self-care look like? How do they balance authenticity and productivity? Tune in as Leading and Being welcomes new guests to their downtown studio in Ottawa, Canada.


About the host

Jeff is a yoga teacher, bartender, spoken word artist and grad student studying Counselling & Psychotherapy in Ottawa. With a degree in Conflict Resolution and management experience in the corporate and non-profit sector, Jeff is passionate about leadership, physical and mental health and the nuances of interpersonal relationships. Above all else, he is curious about why some people seem to be happier and healthier than others and how healthy individuals cultivate meaning in their own lives and communities.


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