We get curious with artists, athletes, therapists, entrepreneurs and industry leaders to explore how they became powerful change makers in their own lives and communities. This is a podcast for people who want an inside look at the lives of people living their truth and making a difference in the lives of others. Our goal is to inspire you to think differently, embrace discomfort, develop better relationships and find a way to contribute to making yourself and other people feel more empowered and connected.

Episodes often explore questions like:

Why do some people succeed while others feel stuck? 

How do these inspiring guests take care of themselves?

How do we balance productivity with authenticity and self-care?

What does mental health have to do with their work?

Have they always been the way they are? 

Who inspires them, and who are their favourite authors?



About the host

Jeff Shepherd is a yoga teacher, bartender, spoken word artist and grad student studying Psychotherapy in Ottawa. With a degree in Conflict Resolution and management experience in the corporate and non-profit sector, Jeff is passionate about leadership, physical and mental health and the nuances of interpersonal relationships. Above all else, he is curious about why some people seem to be happier and healthier than others and how healthy individuals cultivate meaning in their own lives and communities.



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